Well we 11,looks like you managed to c0 mplete y et another story,all be it shorter than the last.

Not like it matters dear traveler of the lucid,these plains weren't meant for you to cross alone.

In fact you being here ca___u___s___ed a major upset with our other...Guests are mood setter (music player) , Frank wasn't able to keep you occupied with these pages as a result.

Same goes for Samwell, your designated transsss___________lator.He 0ccupied you with the fragments we were able to gather from Jonas but not with Rose and Jam3s.

yOOOuu____ cUASED u5 quite a bit of headACHE ,walker who sides with yY__.

As a result of your wandering we were not only barely able to whisk Tyme to safety,but we also had to launch the wymes from LUCI__D prematurely

AHEM an__Y__way...the main reason why we decided to contact you again was to let you kn0w that all fragments that will be archived here from hence forth, will be of the lost souls who wander thyne parts.NOT archived bytes we were managed to gather from the living/creators of Lucid OS nor Dream OS.

We were__ barely able to even do that much,without killing ourselves in the process.

so___________________________________ who knows what kind of fragMENTS will gather here now

We might even get fragments from version .0__5...Who knows really.

iz not like we're able to hold them back anymore so maybe daniel will come back... he was a crowd favE___ back in the day.

Well its whatever now i su___ this is end of...what did we call these things?


Stories!?!? those were anything but that. Well anyway this is the end of story 2/the neon-shell, i don't kn0w what the new chapter will bring so stay tuned for that GLITch hopper

Or don't and bail like the rest of them did, we're just bytes of code afterall we can't tell you what to do