Good morning sweetie.

I've made your faverite, Orange Cheesecake Breakfast Rolls.

You know James, after 5 years of cooking for you I've never really gotten the swing of cutting these darn things.

Pealing them is easy,its like CUTTING deep into one's flesh with a butter knife.

But there hard,gooey insides are nothing like my delicate throat darling.My throat is nice elegantly soft.These oranges' insides are like the hard disguisting, pits of manhood,like where you came from darling.

I suppose you're right james,minus the dastard part.But i suppose a rebound like yourself wouldn't a clue about how hard that realationship jonas and i had.

AhhmPh! I suppose that's true regardless, i gotta get back to Crimson HQ and finish up on Lucid OS...And you need to go and clean up the mess jonas made with Dream OS, over at Twilight HQ. Toodle do my love, 'till we meet again .


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