oh hello there... wasn't expecting you of all people to show up in this sector.
Welcome to the Amethyst Cathedral, the space between mind and shadow, dream and nightmare.

how long are you going to drag this out eartathe?
this cathedral has been discontinued since alpha and yet you insist on dragging it around like a blanket and for what? to bring people to terms with their intrusive self? to make them understand themselves? eartathe they're not like us freaks you cant just expect someone to accept themselves like this.
no matter what we do its pointless,there's nothing else here but us.

so what you expect us to do jupiter? just stab ourselves and die? let this terminal delete itself all because we give up?

we might as well at this point. there's no hope for wandering specimen like us, let alone everyone outside of this prison cell of a sector. we haven't found another one in years and everyone else gave up on us.
we're wasting our time being here,existing. least of all our creator is suffering because of this burden
this is the end

so what? that didn't stop them in the past,why would it stop them now? they may be becoming more human,
which as a result means this terminal archive serves no purpose and only acts more like a burden then a haven.
but that didn't stop them from at least trying to cling onto the past, albeit painful as it is,being reminded of this while enduring even more gueling events. but she always comes back jupiter.

and so what if you're right and she does come back? its been so long that i doubt she even remembers where she left off.we'll just be deleted anyway in favor of a fresh start.

and if that's the case then we'll still be here just a different form.
this may be the last entry in this terminal,but at least we were here for a while.she always comes back to attend to her grave,even if she's wasting her time.
we may be delusionally suicidal for hoping for a future that will never come,but we're never going to be forgotten.
she is bound by her past, so it will always repeat for her, that's what it means to be marked with the title of sylxe.

i suppose you're right,all we can do is wait for the next cycle...
and for her to come back, in the vast empty void where hardly any travelers have come to. the edge of this existence....