================================================================== The terminals of Jonas Stillman still need further inspection after the incident, as such the appointed tempory manager, Miss.Suyu Faust has been tasked with clean up of Tifinny Stillman. Further updates have yet to unfold. Next planned investagation of the Quernz OF computer services will be 08.30.08.


hmm? what's this?


is it rain or is it sound? How did I get here? Where am I? This isn't the Dreams OS I remember.How did this happen? This is like some trashy purgetory designed for deateaths such as myself,I'm not dead am I? Where did everyone go? God...This place reeks of blood and desperation its unbareable,yet its comforting all the same.Is this the liminal that Cassey was talking about all those years ago? But if that's the case
shouldn't I be an observer or something and not an active participant? I don't understand,how could so much hard work ultimately go in vain and yet I can barely even remember any of it.This project took 5 years to even conceptualize and all it became was an encrypted puzzle that no one can even make heads or tails of. How is this thing running anyway? I thought we turned it off an abandoned it a year ago... Back when that confrence
was held. Shit I hope that whatever poor sap got ahold of this thing isn't trapped in here with me, or am I the one who is trapping them? Is this even reality? Can I truly be stuck in a creation that I help make? Or am I just dreaming all of this because I got caught in a car accident? Wait waht am I saiyng, wahT ca-ar acipentc?

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================================================================== A recent data recovery expedition through terminal 11 has uncovered numerous untouched files for which we believe were apart of the currently corrupted welcome program.The expedition also recovered to what we believe is the logo to this dream, like operating system.Other items include, a mysterious photograph depicting a bizzare figure, another data entry point to the welcome program, making recovery of said program up to 40% recovered.The expedition is still underway,and has been for some time so please ,be patient with cravo team.

Hello? Is anyone truly there? Hello? Hello? Is anyone truly there? Hello? Hello? Is anyone truly there? Hello? Hello? Is anyone truly there? Hello? Hello? Is anyone truly there? Hello? Where am I? how did I get here? Where am I? how did I get here? Where am I? how did I get here? Where am I? how did I get here? Where am I? how did I get here? Is this a dream? a lucid dream?

god this traffic is awful today, what the hell is going on over there? [11:35 AM] Xop there appears to be an open investigation regarding a corpse that was found at around 1600 [11:36 AM] you cant fucking be serious, im going to be late to the seminar because of a fucking corpse!?! Sorry Xop but there's nothing we can do. best we can do is just wait this one out









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She's been dead for...god i don't even remember...she died when she was 16,with her boyfriend.

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Is it rain or is it sound?

is it rain or is it sound?

is it rain or is it sound?

is it rain or is it sound?

is it rain or is it sound?

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DEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us partDEath to us part i don't belong here and niether do youwhatthehellareyoustilldoinghere? ge ou whi yo sti cn im srs!